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Hello there, and welcome!
I am Sonia. I am a lucky mama, digital artist, model, fine-art photographer, writer, crafty pants , and a great big fan of life! ♥

From my very first memories, pencils, paper, and books have been my faithful companions, while drawing, writing, and painting have always been just another way to communicate with the world. 

I am a self-taught artist and my greatest inspiration comes from fairy tales, the beauty found in nature, fashion, and my girls.

I love everything pink and sparkly, kittens and puppies (in fact, all animals in baby form), and most definitely glitter, which follows me wherever I go! ;)

I hold the world record for the most smiles counted and admired in any single decade. I am currently undergoing training in the specialized, enigmatic, magical, and inexplicable art of becoming a Photoshop Ninja!

Through my work, I hope to reach out to people of all ages the world over and share fun and useful ideas, tips, and tutorials for everyday life. I wish to motivate others in any way that I can, be it to stay happy and positive, pursue their goals and dreams, or  inspire with beautiful imagery that will transport you into a wonderland where everything you dream of is possible! :)


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